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 Blockchain for Social Impact Bootcamp


Blockchain for Social Impact bootcamp is the first and only one program in Asia Pacific region designed to promote the creation of Ethereum blockchain solutions and applications which address social and environmental issues. Blockchain is the fastest growing industry in the world. Over the course of 30 days, we bring together developers, blockchain enthusiasts, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians and equip them with tools and knowledge to leverage the potential of blockchain for social change through a series of curated events and workshops.

This bootcamp is the pre-event of the Asia Pacific Social Business Youth Summit 2018 with the theme “Disruptive Technologies for Social Impact,” organized by SBYA Global, Yunus Centre AIT and KX.

30 Days

Intensive unique learning experience with one-on-one mentorship from the experts

20 Leading Experts

Learn, network, and grow with the veterans in blockchain and social innovation field


Join 100+ technologist, humantarians, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, professionals.

Who Can Attend?


We are looking for a mix of software developers, blockchain experts, social entrepreneurs, humanitarians, product developers and designers, and finance or project management ninjas.

You can apply as a team or as an individual. We recommend teams of 3-5 with each member bringing different skills to the table. If you are unable to find a team, don’t worry, Friday night’s kickoff will be the time to find your partner.

**No Coding skills required, only tech-savvy mind **


  • 1

    Kick-off Event

    On 24th February, Mix and mingle, pitch your ideas, and form teams based on mutual interest with just 500 Baht

  • 2

    Weekly Workshops

    Learn hands-on tools and framework to designyour own blockchain with your team, whileone-on-one mentorship

  • 3

    24 Hour Innovation Challenge

    Get ready for 24 hours of intensive learning, incubating, coding, sweaty palms, and very little sleeps.


Early Bird
Till 16th February
From 17th February Onwards
Per Event
One Specific Event

Ticket & Registration

We will select 30 applicants to attend the full 30-day program. The rest of interested people can attend the kick-off and social innovation challenge upon invitation.